Those who seek out adventure are rarely satisfied in any experience until the next one begins, so it's fitting that this adventure was catalyzed by another. We began discussing gourmet food trucks during a road trip to Boulder, CO. The idea of owning your own business and not being chained to any single location by a "brick and mortar" establishment is almost synonymous with the adventurous spirit. These conversations that helped pass time in a cramped van, quickly transitioned into drafting up business plans, graphic designs, and searching for the truck that would drive our dream to a reality. The vision was simple: Create a mobile eatery that is self-contained, self-sufficient, and self-fulfilling; make delicious food that would greatly exceed "street food" expectations; source fresh, quality ingredients from local farms, mills, and producers; and ultimately create an experience that is unavailable from your everyday restaurant. We decided it was important for the menu to satisfy a variety of diets with sweet and savory flavors and to create meals that could be prepared for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It quickly became evident that the most effective way to satisfy these requirements would be through creations based on a distinguishable, house-recipe baked good...a waffle. We knew not just any waffle would do. So after many hours of methodically tweaking and redefining our recipe, we finally developed the perfect batter. Off The Grid's yeast leavened waffle batter is hand mixed daily using only fresh, local, and all-natural ingredients, yielding an impressive foundation for our menu. Fresh herbs, fresh fruits, and local artisan cheeses are then added to create delectable dishes that satisfy a wide range of tastes. All of our selections are prepared fresh the moment you complete your order, and not a second before, so you can be sure that your delicious waffle has been baked to perfection just for you. With a strong emphasis on presentation and flavor, our passion and love for food shows in each dish served.

As with any adventure, we will always be looking for the road less traveled. We will constantly strive to update and evolve our menu to include new local and seasonal selections and flavors to keep our menu exciting. Find the truck, go off the grid, and enjoy a delicious waffle creation.